Cristina, our founder, takes pride in offering a stellar service, based on 20 years of experience in Aesthetics, an extensive knowledge of human anatomy, a deep understanding of the skin, and most importantly Cristina’s constant investment in personal development. 

Cristina has trained in Permanent Make Up or Micropigmentation with a digital machine, with a handheld tool (Microblading), completed training in Lip Blush Tattooing and the one really close to Cristina’s heart, Paramedical Tattooing. Cristina puts her expertise at the service of those who need it the most, offering Paramedical Tattooing for free or at a reduced cost for those affected by Cancer or Alopecia. 

These are just some key highlights of Cristina’s incredible career, and Cristina brings this wealth of experience to the classroom, supporting her trainees navigating through the challenges of starting a career in the Permanent Make Up industry, so they can avoid the mistakes Cristina has already been through.

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Small Cohorts

It is hard to deliver training to large numbers of trainees and can be frustrating not to have all your doubts and uncertainties explained. In smaller cohorts, everyone can keep their FOCUS and benefit from the training to the maximum.


Remake Up B-Learning training mixes live training with unrivaled online teaching and support, which includes access to our students exclusive FB group.

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The success of your training and your business is our success. That is why we deliver high-quality training and offer high-end end products.