Lip Perfect Pink By Tina Davies


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This 2-piece set features our highly-pigmented Lip Pencil paired with a matching Lip Pigment in the colour of your choice.
Tina Davies Lip Pencils and Lip Pigments come in a range of twelve kissable shades, hand-picked by Tina herself. Replenish your Lip Blush Sets with your most frequently-used shades.
This set contains: Lip Pencil Lip Pigment 15ml
PERFECT PINK: One of our best sellers! Perfect Pink is a beautiful medium value, neutral pink lip pigment. Perfect for clients looking for a pink lip. Add any dark colour such as Magenta to intensify. It is suitable for Fitzpatrick 1-4.
Elevate your consultations, reduce client anxiety and increase bookings with these lip blushing must-haves!


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